Developmental  Play

Here at Loving Little Minds, we run Toddler Developmental Play Gyms exclusively for children aged 1-3 years.


This is such a crucial time for a child's brain development and learning, with many connections being made. Play is a child's main occupation, and we want to give you the skills, tools and knowledge to discover how you can be at the centre of your child's playful environment. 

Play doesn't need to be toys, all singing and dancing. The benefits and opportunities from natural resources and things you already have at home are endless. 

In our play gyms you'll learn:

  • What is Schematic Play?

  • An insight to the Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Plays part on the Anatomy of the body by using multiple components 


Play doesn't always come naturally to some parents, and that's ok. We're here to guide and show you how simple it really can be. Playfulness as adults is equally important for wellbeing.


What's included?


Toddler Developmental Play is run either on a 4 week running block at 1 hour per week, or one off 1 hour sessions. During the hour we will use a number of different resources allowing your children to explore freely.


We empower the children and the class is completely child led, meaning we go totally at their own pace. 

Each class has a different theme based around child's common interests, for example, farm, transport, role play, dinosaurs and many more. 

Toddler Developmental Play, is one of our core and most popular session run at Loving Little Minds

Both Abbii & Frankie are qualified as Developmental Play Practitioners with the Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy. 

Abbii also has a background in Early Years of 11 years.