Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Loving Little Minds offers bespoke Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses, designed to provide a loving and relaxed environment for you, the parent, and your baby.


Our courses will provide you the resources to bond with your baby through loving positive touch over a four week programme that is completely baby-led. So, whilst we've got so many great things to share with you, the pace is dictated by them and we'll have the resources available to take away.


Baby Massage

At our Baby Massage courses, you'll learn a different routine each week for different areas of your baby's body and recapping what we did the previous week. You'll also be taught the fantastic benefits of each stroke.


We will use songs throughout the routines as an extra bonding technique, helping baby recognise your voice and also identify the songs with massage. 


I will ensure you walk away from each class feeling as though you have learnt lots and grown an even stronger connection with your baby.

Baby Yoga


When you attend a Baby Yoga course, you'll not only find some great routines, tips and tricks to use with your baby, but we'll also cover simple breathing exercises and post-natal poses to support you to feel relaxed in your new parenting journey; whether you're a first time parent or not.


Baby Yoga is both fun and relaxing. You'll learn lots of fun swings and dips for baby, as well as multiple poses which we will also incorporate with songs.


Benefits of Baby Massage and Yoga

Baby Massage and Yoga have endless benefits, which you will learn throughout the course. Some to name are:

  • Relief from conditions such as colic, wind and constipation

  • Relaxation

  • Stimulation

  • Promotes bonding and positive relationships

At the end of the four week class, you'll receive:

  • A bottle of Tiddley Pom organic sunflower oil

  • A full detailed manual of everything you have learnt

  • A gift